Top 5 industries in Columbus Ohio that helps to drive the economy

Ohio plays a significant role in the country’s economy. There are many major industries that help to contribute the to the nation’s economy. Here are the top five industries in Columbus.


There are many auto assembly and auto parts plants in Columbus. It is very easy to access glass, rubber, and steel here, making it a lucrative destination for the manufacturers of auto parts. The automotive jobs are projected to increase.


The domestic oil and gas drilling in this region has increased. So, the steel producers of Ohio see lots of opportunities here. Due to the installation of new oil pipelines, the demand for steel is this state has increased.


Food production is a big business here. The agricultural sector accounts for 14% of the jobs in Ohio. This percentage is expected to increase in future. The agricultural sector has a big role in the economy of this state.

Small Appliances

Columbus is known for building small kitchen appliances. More manufacturing plants are being built, and many people are investing in this business.


Ohio is known as the birthplace of aviation. The aerospace industry is huge here. This industry employs lots of workers in Ohio. This industry has a huge prospect in future.

If you are thinking of working or investing in Columbus, then you should focus on these industries. There are lots of scopes in these industries, and you can grow professionally and earn lots of money.