Reasons why Columbus is the best city to live in

The city of Columbus has developed impressively over the last decade. The developments that they have made a stand out from the rest. Here are top 5 reasons why it is the best city to live in the US.

The food

The food in Columbus is incredible. You will find popular restaurants like Super Chef’s, Harvest Pizzeria, etc. You will also find signature local foods and drinks here which includes ice cream, coffee, and craft beer. Whatever your budget is, you will get a suitable restaurant in Columbus.


You will always have something to do in Columbus. The nightlife is great here. You will have an unforgettable experience shopping. Many art and music festivals take place here. The city is famous for games like hockey and basketball.

Job opportunity

It is a great place to expand your career. It is the home to many large companies like Victoria’s Secret and Nationwide. The unemployment rate is low here.

Low cost of living

You can live within your budget here. The place is affordable, even if you have an active social life. There are budget-friendly apartment homes. The transportation system is good here so you can travel cheaply. You will find many locally produced food to eat.

Diverse and friendly community

People fo different cultures live here. There is the German Village, which is the most historic places in Columbus. You will find art galleries and coffee houses here. You can find your identity here, at the same time feel like part of a larger community.

Columbus is an excellent city to live in for food, education, career, community and entertainment. These reasons are enough to convince you to live in Columbus, Ohio.